Car Accident Insurance Claim Laywer

Car accidents are experiences that change life. The accident is only the beginning of what can be an extremely long process to file an insurance claim, determine the failure and, what is more important, to make the closure have to go ahead with your life. Having to assume both insurance companies and law to get what you deserve from your accident can be extremely intimidating. Do not pass through this alone. In Morgan & Morgan, we have been fighting victims of automobile accidents since 1988. Insurance companies tend to try to minimize compensation.

Morgan & Morgan is proud to be experts in navigating the legal and insurance process often confusing to ensure that our customers receive the money they deserve. If we advance with your case, we will assign you a full legal team, as well as 24/7 open communication with us through our mobile application. And we never be charged per hour, we only paid if we won. Fill a free evaluation of a case to discover what Morgan & Morgan can do for you. Advertisement of lawyers. The results are not guaranteed. Last performance is not an indication of future success.

Car Accident Insurance Claim Process


First, your assigned legal team will collect records related to your claim, including medical records, medical bills and insurance policy information.

These documents will help your lawyer understand the scope of your injury and build your case of compensation.


Your lawyer and legal team will investigate your accident with great detail to gather the necessary evidence.

You can see the images of Dashcam, the images of the security camera, the police records and more to help build your case.


Your lawyer will negotiate with the defense, outside the hearing room, to help you get the compensation you may be entitled.

If liquidation negotiations do not succeed, your lawyer is prepared to go to trial and present your case as a stronger as possible.

Car Accident Insurance Laywer

How are we different?

In Morgan & Morgan, we have been fighting for more than 30 years for our customers who are victims of car accidents to obtain compensation and justice that are owed to them. After all, insurance companies tend to try to minimize compensation. What may seem like a fair sum could stop covering long-term medical costs, lost salaries of a lost job due to an accident, or delayed injuries or damage that were not accounted for in the amount of original liquidation, we are experts in the navegation. The legal and insurance process often confusing.

Is the hiring of a necessary lawyer?

In a car accident, the accident is only the beginning of your problems. Browse an insurance claim can only be complicated, especially if the accident failure is disputed. In addition, insurance companies can try to resolve your claim for less than it is actually worth it. By hiring a lawyer after an accident, she puts someone in her corner who knows the laws of her state and tricks insurance companies can try to play.

How much do we charge?

Morgan & Morgan operates with a contingency base, which means you pay us alone if and when we won your case. Our rate would come in the form of a percentage of the amount of liquidation or verdict that we obtain.

How long will this take?

By form

Morgan & Morgan will call you within 24 hours after the presentation of your form. Our agents will review and understand your case. In general, you will be assigned a client a lawyer, legal assistant and a legal assistant within a week after your case review.

By phone

In general, Morgan & Morgan will assign a lawyer, legal assistant and a paralegal (for all cases of workers' compensation, first part and negligence) within a week after your case review. Our lawyers work in the most efficient way possible to ensure that the case is not delayed more than you need.

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Should I talk to a lawyer of car accidents?

Yes. The Legal Team of Morgan and Morgan will focus on your case, collecting evidence, consulting with experts and negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf so you can concentrate on recovering your life on the track.

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